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Dye House

Where we take the time to develop our processes, sample colours, talk about our inspiration and learn from the odd mistake. The days are long and the work is physical with each of us covering different aspects of the production. Within one colour way we strive for continuity of colour while ensuring each piece is completely unique - it takes careful planning, minute attention to detail and a craftwomanship that just can’t be rushed.

Ann’s jobs tend to be measuring out the exacting dye recipes, sample the colours, researching techniques and the stitching and sewing of labels while Frances ties up each piece, dyes and rinses each batch, processes orders, manages online content and oversees creative direction.

And sometimes does a nice lunch too.

The Dyer’s Daughter is a world born out of growing up within a creative family, whether in textiles, art, fashion, photography or music. We draw on our different disciplines to create a truly immersive world of colour and craft, honed over decades, for those looking to acquire a truly unique piece of wearable art.